About the author

Hey there, like I already mentioned on the homepage, my name is Jurgen King. I’m a pianist from Dallas, Texas, and this is my website about pipe organs. I know, right. How does a pianist end up making a website about pipe organs. Well, my dad was a pipe organ builder, based in Austin, Texas. Growing up I spent a lot of time around organ, even helped my dad on a couple of occasions. However I ended up falling in love with the piano, which is more dynamic than an organ.

I’ve played the piano for my whole life basically, and now that I’m close to retiring, I wanted to learn, or should I say re-learn about organ. Well I was surprised to find out that there isn’t really that much resources for those who want to play the organ. There were websites in Germans (look up orgel to find them), but very few in English who went in-depth about the organ.

That’s what I’m trying to correct with this website. I’m going to learn and post about what I learn about pipe organ, the music I find that I love and also shots of amazing looking organ around the world. I hope you join me on my journey.