Modern pipe organ composers – Marcel Dupré

By Jurgen King

July 17, 2018

Even though the organ might not be as popular as the piano is these days, there are still a lot of modern compositions being made for the organ. One of the most famous contemporary pipe organ composers is definitely Marcel Dupré. Even though he died back in 1971, he left a large selection of works behind him.

Modern pipe organ composers – Marcel Dupré

Marcel Dupré was a child prodigy. He was born into a musical family, his father being an organist himself in Rouen. When Marcel was 14 years old, his father commissioned a family friend to build them an organ in the family home, helping him study the instrument at an early age.

Marcel wrote some 65 pieces for the organ, all of them ranging from moderately to extremely difficult to play. Most famous works of his would be the Three Preludes and Fugues, op. 7. This composition is an example of the extreme difficulty of Dupré’s music. Only Dupré was able to play this piece fully upon release. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that organists were trained who could play the piece like Dupré could. Checkout the video above for a short demo of him playing and an even shorter interview with the man himself.

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